Here are some good practices...

Q. When is the best time of the day, and day of the week, to send B2B emailings?
A. There is no magic day or time to send email because every campaign is unique.
However, we do suggest after 09.00 (local time) and not on Fridays.

Q. How do I avoid my emails becoming Spam?
A. All emails from ShippingCast are properly streamed to opted-in recipients which
dramatically reduces the chance of them being caught in Spam filters and directed
to Junk Mail.

Q. What is CAN-SPAM and does it affect me?
A. It is a compliance that we adhere to.

Q. Do you sell your databases to others for them to use?
A. Never, which means they are perceived by the recipients as messages with
integrity and meaning.

Q. Do you give a delivery report when a broadcast or campaign has been sent?
A. Yes, if you opted for it.

Q. Can I send just a plain text message?
A. Yes, of course though sometimes a well-designed html email will result in
greater interest and response.